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In this document you will find information about the configuration parameters applied by Flexxible Policy. Please, scroll this web page or use the top navigation bar to explore the features of this and previous releases.

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About Flexxible Policy

Flexxible Policy is a module in Flexxible VDI OS that contains a series of configuration rules applied centrally to the Flexxible VDI and Published Apps platforms. Mantaining a central repository of updated policies allows us to optimize our customers' platforms in a quick and convinient manner and allows them to always stay current with the latest recommendations and optimizations available for their environment.

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Flexxible IT provides a turnkey VDI and Apps platform implemented in large and small enterprises around the world. It dramatically reduces the time required for desktop virtualization and digital transformation. If you are interested in our On-Premises solutions, please visit the Flexxible|VDI System website. If you are interested in our DaaS solutions, please proceed to the Flexxible Desktop site.

What’s new in this release?

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